The annual Twixmas open fours event in aid of Spinal Muscular Atrophy will be held at Marconi on the above date. The cost is £24 per team. The first 24 teams will be accepted and the closing date is December 1st 2019. If you wish to enter please click on the link below to download the entry form or email



  1. Josie and John Robinson, S. Stanton and Brenda Crowe (Not Paid)
  2. Shirley and Phil Banner, Eileen Bellett and M.Howe  (Not Paid)
  3. Pat and Alan High, Carol and Bob Taylor
  4. E.Smith-Allen, P.Goodchild, P.Child, T.Ealham (Not Paid)
  5. Kay and Peter Debenham, S.Jordan, E.Poulter (Not Paid)
  6. Shannon and Terry Mead plus 2 (Not Paid)
  7. Peter Harris, Stewart Blackhall plus 2 (Not Paid)
  8. Jan Duthie, Brian Neal, Venetia Tew, Derek Beaumont
  9. M.Bailey, J.Frances, Norma and Clive Wilkins (Not Paid)
  10. Paul Williams, Veronica Reed, Ron and Jan Foster
  11. D.Adams, J.Clements, Bob Cousins, M.Hastings (Not Paid)
  12. Greg, Joan, John and Rob Wade (Not Paid)
  13. Dave and Mark Chittock, P.Pammant, Brenda Neil (Not Paid)
  14. Hayley Clayton, Les Norton, Paul Senior, Roy Mann (NotPaid)
  15. Tony Hayes, Del, Chris and Connie Coates (Not Paid)
  16. Peter and Maureen Richards plus 2
  17. Audrey and Peter Moore, Pat and Mick Hacket
  18. Denise and John Mathews plus 2
  19. Sid Lawrence, M. Callaway, Julie Keyworth, M. Goss (Not Paid)
  20. Doreen Thompson, C. Brown, Honey and John Bleach ( Not Paid)
  21. John Pavitt plus 3 (Not Paid)
  22. Ann and George Morgan plus 2 (Not Paid)
  23. Peggy May, Colin, George and Bobby Addis (Not Paid)
  24. Sheila and Roger Booker, Rose Hambleton, Neil Paul (Not Paid)
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